what zodiac signs have anger issues

Aries is known for their fiery nature and quick temper. They can become easily frustrated and may display impulsive and aggressive behavior when angered.

Taurus individuals are generally patient, but if pushed too far, their anger can be intense. They have a stubborn nature and can become very stubborn when provoked.

Gemini individuals are usually adaptable and easygoing, but their anger can be unpredictable. When angered, they may engage in sharp and cutting verbal attacks.

Cancerians are sensitive and can hold onto anger for a long time. Their emotional nature can cause them to become moody and easily hurt, leading to outbursts of anger.

Leo individuals have a strong ego and pride, which can make them sensitive to criticism. When their ego is threatened, they may respond with fiery outbursts of anger.

Scorpios are known for their intensity, and their anger can be equally intense. They can be prone to brooding and may hold grudges for extended periods.

Capricorns tend to bottle up their anger, but when it is finally released, it can be overwhelming. They have a tendency to be hard on themselves and others, which can lead to explosive anger.