The Best Smashed Veggie for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

Since Aries are known for their high energy and bold personalities, it makes sense that MacGuire would pair them with our Loaded Smashed Radishes.


According to MacGuire, Tauruses are the food lovers of the zodiac, so getting the pairing right is important. These Smashed Beets with Goat Cheese & Hot Honey


"As the sign of the twins, Gemini is known for their multifaceted personality," MacGuire said. "They should love smashed sweet potatoes. This dish is also multifaceted, as the potatoes are baked, smashed and broiled to create a light, crispy exterior, much like Geminis."


Our Smashed Artichokes with Lemon-Dill Aioli is MacGuire's choice for Cancers because the light and fresh flavors balance with the sign's sensitive side.


Fiery, passionate Leos will love these Garlic-Rosemary Smashed Potatoes.


Both earthy and warming—much like Virgos—these four-ingredient Smashed Carrots are well-suited for the sign.


Try the Crispy Smashed Broccoli with Za'atar with our highly rated Shish Kebab with Tahini Sauce.


Scorpios should go for the Crispy Smashed Potatoes with Green Horseradish Sauce, per MacGuire's suggestion.


These French-Onion Smashed Potatoes will impress anyone you make them for. Try the side alongside our Pressure-Cooker Beef Roast for a savory bite.


Which smashed veggie should work-driven Capricorns try? According to MacGuire, it's our Crispy Smashed Shallots with Goat Cheese & Fig Jam.


Aquarius should go for a simple side, like these highly rated Crispy Smashed Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic & Parmesan.


Last but not least, Crispy Smashed Cauliflower with Pesto is the herby, flavorful smashed veggie that Pisces need.


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