Stars of Suspicion: 6 Zodiac Signs Plagued by Trust Issues

Are you one of those people who finds it difficult to trust others? You're certainly not alone!

Trust issues can impact everybody, but did you know your astrological sign may influence how suspicious you are of others?

Cancer, the crab's sensitive and intuitive sign, comes first on our list. Cancers are often reserved when it comes to trust since they are afraid of being damaged emotionally.


Scorpios are well-known for their strong and passionate dispositions. This water sign is extremely sensitive and has an uncanny ability to detect hidden realities.


Aquarians are recognized for their independence and inventiveness. They appreciate their independence and individuality, which might make it difficult for them to trust others.


Virgos are industrious and analytical, with a keen eye for detail. While this earth sign may not appear skeptical on the surface, they have a propensity to overanalyze events, which can lead to troubles with trust.


Capricorns are motivated and ambitious people who are constantly aiming for achievement. Their practical mentality can cause them to be wary of trust.


Geminis are noted for their dual nature, which is symbolized by the Twins. Geminis, while friendly and communicative, can have trust issues due to their dread of being duped.


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