Here are the "best" zodiac signs on TikTok. Astrologers tell us

 Astrologer Lisa Stardust reassures those who may feel criticized by a viral zodiac ranking chart.

1The chart on TikTok ranks the 12 zodiac signs based on positive and negative traits.

Aquarius, Virgo, and Taurus women, along with Sagittarius men, are placed in the top tier.

The chart labels Scorpio and Virgo men as "toxic and horrible" and accuses them of playing the victim.

The ranking chart gained popularity on AstroTok, the astrology section of TikTok.

The chart originally appeared on Minds Journal and consists of 24 slots, divided between men and women of each sign.

It sparked discussions and debates among astrology enthusiasts on social media.

 Despite the chart's categorizations, astrology should be approached with an open mind and individual interpretations.

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