Children And Parenting Astrology

Outdoor play boosts Mars. Mars represents vital life characteristics in Vedic astrology. Confidence, boldness, audacity, self-defense, and forces.

Allowing your youngster to become too engrossed in technology should not confine them to the confines of the home.

If this occurs, Mars will be unfavorable. Enroll them in athletics to counteract Mars's bad impact.  

Vitamins, iron, and calcium are abundant in green leafy vegetables. Mercury and green are inextricably linked.

Give him or her a silver bangle if he or she has grown mischievous. Moon's influence grows as a result of these efforts. As a result, your youngster will become more disciplined and goal-oriented.

Spending time with seniors also aids your child's intellectual, emotional, mental, and educational development. It will also eradicate any negative Jupiter effect in your child's life.

Saturn, according to Vedic Astrology traditions, embodies justice and is intolerant of injustice. As a result, urge your child to serve the needy in order to counteract Saturn's negative impact.